Why The Change??

When I started doing photography and video work I was a one man show, and so I simply used my name as the company name. Ken Ellison Photography and Video shortened to KE Photography and Video. It wasn't catchy or creative - but it identified that it was me! 

In 2013 I met Cortnie, and since then our quality of work, as well as the number of weddings we are hired for, has dramatically increased. She is wonderful at communicating with clients, keeping me on schedule, assisting in posing and being the second camera operator. 

I would not be where I am now without Cortnie, and so it only made sense that the company name be changed - especially since after October 2018 we will be married! And so, CAKE (Cortnie and Ken Ellison) was created. 

Our prices, packages, and services have remained the same. But after years of weddings we have found that video is our favorite over photography. Wedding photos are great for photo albums, hanging on your wall, posting on social media - but its simply a snapshot of that time. Video is so much more - you get to hear the laughter, you get to see the dancing. Video is more of an experience. You literally get to relive your wedding day! And so we are focusing more on Wedding Films. Don't worry though - photography is still available for now and we do still enjoy photographing your wedding day!

-- Ken Ellison